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Paid Content Creators

We know high-quality content is often expensive to create. If you create awesome content and charge for it, we are happy to charge for it on our site as well. You can set a price per purchase or per school. More info here.

Free Content Creators

If you create your own free videos or games, then you are the perfect partner for us to feature in our Resource Library! Over a million teachers will be able to access your stuff and assign it to their students. We will also align your content to standards. Check out some of our current featured publishers.



OpenEd collects and accurately aligns resources from thousands of different publishers and houses them all in one place. OpenEd also has a free API that allows all these resources to be seamlessly incorporated in other Ed Tech platforms

Learning Management Systems

Some of the most popular LMSes enabled OpenEd to give their teachers direct access to millions of resources. For teachers, this means they can assign OpenEd resources directly in their LMS and get their students' assessment and HW scores back to their LMS's gradebook. For students, this means they can take their assignments in their LMS too- no need to remember extra logins! Read more.

Assessment Providers

Some of the top assessment providers and assessment prep companies use OpenEd to not only assess their students, but provide instant remediation for them when learning gaps are identified. Go beyond just testing your students- help them learn the micro concepts they aren't understanding by assigning the tailored remedial resources OpenEd suggests. More info here.

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