If you do your lesson planning in Google Docs, finding the right resources to incorporate in your lessons has just gotten even easier!

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I'm creating a lesson plan for my kindergarten class this week. I've included all the activities and field trips that I want to do with my students, and now I want to look for the most relevant videos and games to supplement these activities, as well as homework and quizzes to test their knowledge. The Lesson Plan Tool for Docs allows me to easily infuse the most effective supplemental resources right into my lesson plan!

I can search OpenEd's library of over 700,000 resources and rest assured that all the resources are accurately aligned to the correct standards, age, and even organized by their effectiveness. I can search by keywork or subject, or even the exact standard I need!  Try it now in the Chome Web Store!

What exactly is the "effectiveness" of a resource? A unique aspect of OpenEd is that it uses formative assessments to drive resource selection. Based on a student’s results on an assessment, the student is presented with suggested instructional resources (generally videos) to address the identified learning gaps. Many students then take a subsequent assessment on the site to determine if they have achieved mastery. A resource is rated by evaluating how students perform on an assessment that is on the same subject or standard category subsequent to that student viewing the resource. Some key findings from our research show that 1-3 minute videos are the most effective, but if you can find them, games are even more effective. Focused, specialized content publishers provide more effective content than publishers who attempt to cover all subjects and grades. And lastly, cartoons, “flashcard-cartoons,” and slide deck-style lessons outperform both Khan-style “blackboards” and teachers standing at blackboards. 

Having trouble installing the add-on? Some schools block Chrome extensions, but don't worry, there's a simple fix! Please just email your IT support to unblock this url by adding it to the exception list: